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The Refinery

Power Generation

We have diesel driven generators, with a capacity of 1000 KVA and 800KVA respectively.

Research Laboratory

Well-equipped laboratory with the latest technology and personnel for quality control.

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2015 certification for the Quality Management System and MANCAP certification.

Our Company Culture - Good Manufacturing Practice (G.M.P)

We imbibe the culture of Good Manufacturing Practice at all levels of our operations and processes. Our cultural values cut across quality control, quality assurance and continuous quality improvement. Nosak Distilleries Limited has a track record of manufacturing good quality ethanol based on international quality standards and best business practices, by imbibing the culture of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Power Generation

An ethanol plant of this capacity requires a lot of energy intake in the form of heat from the boilers and components. There are three cooling towers installed, one for each distillation plant. There is continuous cooling to remove heat from the exit hot water to facilitate the steady operation.


Our internal power generation equipment includes- five heavy-duty generating sets for our processes. Three of the generators are gas-driven with 1450KVA capacity each and two diesel driven generators, with a capacity of 1000 KVA and 810KVA, respectively. With these in place, Nosak Distilleries Limited is consistently meeting production targets in terms of quality, yield, and deadlines.

Quality Control

At Nosak Distilleries Limited, we appreciate the importance of Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Continuous Improvement. We recognize Industrial sanitation and personal cleanliness and hygiene particularly in our Production departments and processes as an integral part of the world-class manufacturing practice.


Because we are mindful of the quality of our product, we have obtained the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification for the Quality Management System and MANCAP certification for meeting and surpassing the Nigerian Industrial Standard requirements.

Research Laboratory

To ensure effective quality control of crude received and the production of good quality ethanol of international standard, we have a well-equipped laboratory with functional apparatus are in place and manned by highly trained professionals. The laboratory is equipped with a gas chromatograph and other functional apparatus for quality control purpose.

HSE Policy

Safety is key in the distillation plant in view of the volatility and flammability of ethanol. As such, we have in place adequate safety measures and fire-fighting equipment including fire hydrants to combat any incidence of fire.

Employees Welfare And Corporate Social Initiatives

High premium is placed on staff welfare and upkeep taking cognizance that the staff are the key and most valuable assets of our organisation.


We have also put in place is a robust corporate social responsibility policy targeted at reaching the less privileged in the neighbourhood by providing pipe-borne water and electricity.

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